Hide&Seek specialise in helping multi-lateral groups optimise their goals through video.


We have wide experience delivering live event filming, documentary storytelling and animation services to clients in Geneva, Vienna and the world over; spanning climate, defence, trade, education, policy, finance, diplomacy and human rights.

Global issues, delivered worldwide

Our client base spans Europe, Africa, the Americas and APAC; and we understand the nuance of communicating complex global issues and initiatives through film.

We’re well versed in the Sustainable Development Goals and helping UN affiliated agencies and multi-lateral organisations improve outcomes amongst their audiences and stakeholders.


moving organisations & the world

Our social impact

In a world where the average human is exposed to 10,000 marketing messages a day it is harder and harder for organisations to cut through. Hide&Seek have a record for delivering social ROI which is unrivalled amongst production companies.


Our films have delivered £200M in critical finding for social causes and directly influenced policy change around the world. When it comes to important social causes we don’t just shout ‘Action!’, we help you take it.

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