Photo: Nigel Brunsdon

Photo: Nigel Brunsdon

Emily Tackles
Drug Policy

Tackles Drug

Emily is a 17 year activist, on a mission to scrutinise the issues that are important to post-millenials. First up, UK drug policy.

emily's generation are rising up

Post-millenials are often underestimated. Emily Brunsdon is one of a new generation of young people who are smart, politically savvy and indomitable.


From climate change to Brexit, Emily’s generation have a few questions about the world they’re inheriting – and Emily is on a mission to make politicians answer those questions.

"the drug death capital of the world"

In the inaugural episode, Emily tackles UK drug policy. She travels to Scotland, which tragically now has a higher rate of overdose death per capita than any other country in the world, leading to the media dubbing it “the drug death capital of the world”.


In a quest for answers Emily meets with people in the public eye, activists and the people most affected by the issue, to discover what we could be doing differently.