The Promised

The Promised Land

This is the Middle East post Trump’s America. The most volatile place on earth; where 2000 years of fighting may not end soon.

About the film

At the heart of it all, Jerusalem – the most violently fought over city in world history. Claimed by the Palestinians, but declared the capital of Israel by the leader of the free world. Home to the Temple Mount, the Al Aqsa mosque and, now, the US Embassy.

Monochrome image depicting a young caucasian Jewish adult man in his 30s inside a synagogue. He has his head bowed in prayer and he is wearing the traditional Jewish skull cap - otherwise known as a kippah or yarmulke - on his head. The man has a beard and the background of the synagogue is blurred out of focus. Horizontal color image with copy space.

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In The Promised Land we travel from Washington to the West Bank meeting people on all sides of the debate. Through the tears and the tear gas we seek to analyse the impact of Donald Trump’s presidency and look at the chances of a peaceful future in the region. Duration: 60 minutes