Pallas' Brand

Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Redefined

Founded by acclaimed legal powerhouse Natasha Harrison, Pallas LLP are a leading law firm practising litigation, arbitration and investigations in New York & London.

  • The brand derives inspiration from the Titan god of battle and we produced a studio shoot with a bespoke statuette on a revolving plate; using carefully planned lighting design and a custom made textured backdrop.

  • Autocue narration with the firm’s founder Natasha Harrison outlines Pallas’ unique brand proposition; while the b roll draws inspiration from the beautiful art and sculptures in Pallas’ London offices, including pieces by Tracey Emin.

  • We shot the b roll through vintage anamorphic lenses, positioning light refracting glass in front of the lens to create an ethereal, abstract and stylised visual treatment.

  • “You have captured the ethos
    of our firm brilliantly.”

    - Communications Director, Pallas

Pallas' brand proposition film

Short form edits for social media

  • ESG

  • 1:45 Extended cut

  • A new blueprint

  • Cases in London

  • London & New York Proposition

  • Brand film: 60 second cut